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What is a KOKESHI?

What is a KOKESHI?

Kokeshi doll is a Japanese origin, whose creation dates back over two hundred years old, and today are more fashionable than ever.

There is great creativity around these dolls, as they are designed to the taste of the person in terms of shape and color, its composition is very simple, and Rostos have a spiritual and tender look. Traditional Kokeshi dolls have common characteristics, as in the body their limbs not appreciate only the trunk and head but each communicates something, that is its greatest charm, can be laughing, sympathetic, melancholy and tender, but each has 'something special'.

This is our collection of Kokeshis, all in bright and fun colors, representing youth and feminine beauty, for us are small works of art related to childhood, perfect gift for any occasion and you certainly take everything positive having the person carrying.